The 5-Day Vibrant Living Cleanse
Get access to the 5-Day meal plan including 20+ plant-based recipes, shopping lists, and daily tutorial videos to help you transition to plant-based eating.

5 Day Meal Plan

Made with simple ingredients, easy-to-make, and taste amazing.

20+ plant-based recipes

Made with simple ingredients, easy-to-make, and taste amazing.

Shopping lists

Easy to follow, save time, and help you not overspend at the store.

Daily Tutorial Videos

Hands-on video demonstrations of the daily recipes.

Private Facebook Group

Join 1000’s of other Vibrant Living Cleansers in the Private Facebook group for daily support, motivation, and guidance from our team of expert Nutritionists throughout your 5 day transformation journey.
” If you are looking to incorporate more plant-based whole foods into your lifestyle the VLC is the place to be! As a RHN, with 13 years of plant-based eating experience, I am going to teach you how to cleanse and heal plant-based eating! “
Whitney Pagie, RHN
Founder of GroundedNutrition
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